Hello world!

This is a blog site for my reflections as tutor on theĀ  OCSLD online courses that I run or am developing.

I have struggled with whether or not to set up a blog or to keep my reflections on the Google Apps for Education site that supports the course. And, if I set up a blog which engine (Blogger or WordPress or Posterous, or …) to use.

I have finally decided to use the brookesblogs.net installation of WordPress. This is the home of my main blog and the home of the nascent OCSLD blog. I wanted to enable commenting and to spread the “business” away from the Google platform.

Commenting on the Google Apps for Education site is only available for people inside the brookes.ac.uk domain, so that is no good for public courses. Blogger is not my favourite platform.

WordPress and the company that develops it Automattic is one of the things that makes the Internet A Good Thing (still). So, despite a brief dither, here we go.

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