Course development questions

So much development time on this course has been spent on following the fascinating links I have discovered when I was supposed to be “writing the course”. Some of these I have tweeted on the way. Others have been added to my ScoopIt page, “Communiversity“. Some have been captured to my Bibsonomy bookmarking site. Others, more bibliographic in nature, have been added to my Zotero library.

The question I am asking myself is how much is it my job, as course author to turn this into a taxonomy of formal propositional knowledge about course design – even Learning Design – and how much can I leave to the participants on the course to construct their own “WebQuest” from the seeds that are scattered around this site?

I suppose it is inevitable that this site and course at its inception reflects my text-heavy approach to learning. I keep saying I want to use more multimedia, but I find multimedia hard. Cat gets my tongue when the microphone is turned on. And, then the kids wake up and the open plan office gets loud and the day flies by with meetings and then it it teatime with the family and bath and bed and finally it is quiet and I look at the microphone and think, what do I say now!

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