Going live

Going live today. Ready or not, the welcome letters need to go out and the link to this site will be publicised. There is always so much more that could be done. There are many questions unanswered. Some may be answered through the course of the month we are engaged here. Others will remain. The main question for me is the extent to which we, the tutors/course provider are – or should feel – obliged to provide an easy “take-away”, one-step guide to extending your online course. Just saying “it is hard” and “you think about it” is not enough. Such an approach betrays some of the trust that we are competent to provide such a course. I hope by “showing my workings” and taking an inductive approach that by the end we will have the take-aways that we need. But there is always the question: could I have got it right for everyone, earlier. Click – open the course – and the warm glow of enlightenment descends? Om Shanti [link or link]. Enjoy!

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